Commercial Tumble Dryer


  • ISO9001 certification
  • Fully variable temperature control
  • Autodry cycles
  • Built to last-Built to perform
  • Solid construction
  • Steam or Gas heating
  • The best in Japanese precision
  • Capacities from 10kg to 50kg DRY WEIGHT
  • Warranty 5years Main Bearings and Housing
  • Warranty 3years Parts including Inverter


  • Easy repair of the machine
    Easy maintenance after the installation, it was best to concentrate the electrical-related parts to the rear of the machine. This means lower on costs as a result of easy access to the machines components.
  • Simplification of mechanical maintenance work that regularly perform.
    Periodic machine maintenance tasks may be completed by any competent tradesman..
  • Choice of auto or manual drying is standard.
    Your staff will love the user friendly controls and selection of drying cycles.