Why it's important to have high quality Laundry Equipment in your facility?

Why it's important to have high quality Laundry Equipment in your facility? />


Laundry Tips

Find out why qualiy wins every time.

Impeccable laundry services represent an important part of every business’ and facility’s management. An efficient handling of bed linens, attire and similar items reflects the quality and professionalism of the providers. Usually, in order to offer or achieve excellence, you must engage valuable tools. This principle is also applicable when it comes to dealing with laundry. Utilising equipment of high standards and recognised on an industrial scale assures the desired output for the supplied laundry services.

The factors that should be taken into consideration when selecting the suitable laundry equipment vary, according to your particular needs. However, key elements to take into account are price, performance, design, economical matters and durability. Cheap products might seem the right solution for money-saving reasons, but their yield and reliability is reduced in the long run. No technology is engaged for building low-priced laundry equipment, and so the possibility to save on energy, water and detergents is very improbable. Moreover, the space laundry equipment requires also matters, just as the easiness of its overall maintenance does. Functions such as automatic sorting in a towel folder, dry weight capacity in a tumble dryer, and alternate programs in a washer, should be regarded as well. Built-in complex features ensure customised laundry resources.

If operating in a tourist directed facility, a hotel or a guest house, the impression laundry treatment makes on your clients is crucial. The successful unfolding of a business meeting, a sightseeing holiday or a wedding celebration depends on the ambience. Well-ironed tablecloths, shiny suits and other such apparently minor details are decisive. People’s confidence is enhanced by their appearance and the surrounding atmosphere. Perfectly cleaned curtains, wrinkle-free sheets and clean arrangements contribute to a lasting positive effect on your customers.

In aged care homes and hospitals, the decontamination of laundry is of utmost significance. So, solidly constructed machines that resist at high temperatures and don’t demand lengthy operating times constitute the ideal answer. A hygienic environment is what patients firstly need for the untroubled restoration of their health state, but it also helps to increase their trust and mood levels through the great living conditions’ influence.

Water damage, malfunctions, dry cleaning for sensible garments, additional costs and discomfort related to laundry services can be avoided altogether  when opting for high-quality equipment such as the one manufactured by Yamamoto or Shanghai Lijing. These Japanese and Chinese commercial brands employ great technology, precision and eco-friendly chemicals that will satisfy the highest expectations of laundry services. They are built with materials made of stainless steel and functioning on steam or electric heating, with various weight capacities and flexible programs that can even be password protected. Also, their washers, tumble dryers, combo washer/dryer, ironers and towel folders are professional and dependable. Ultimately, they will indirectly augment the prosperity of your business.