Laundry Tips

This tip will make your clothes last longer.

We need to let you know that Bleach Does Not remove a stain!!!  It removes the Color from the Stain!

How it takes the color from the stain is by Oxidizing the fibers that are spun together to make the threads that are woven together to make the fabric that you now have a 'stain on. What oxidising does is 'degrade' the fibers and this is what you find on your lint screen on your dryer. (Your expensive clothes)

If you find that you have a stain, before you Reach for the Bleach Read this Hint!

Before you use bleach on the 'Stain', try this first.

Add a little plain Dish Soap to the 'Stain' and you will find that it will remove most of the Stains that you collect on your Garments as they are from food.

OK, the above did not work and you are now faced with using the unthinkable, Chlorine Bleach.

You are encourage by the maker of these products to use between 3/4 to 1 1/2 Cups of Bleach and add it to the wash after 5 mins.

OK, what they do not tell you is that when you are using Hot water the Bleach is going to work faster, (every 18 degrees that you raise the temperature of Chemicals the avtivity doubles)

So, if you have to do it, do it in warm water a little over 'Hand Temperature'.

Now when the load has finished at the buzzer sounds .............This is Critically Important!

Do not remove the Bleached Garments/Articles from the washer!
Start the load again this time with 'Color Safe Bleach or a Detergent with Oxy Bleach in it!

This will neutralize the Chlorine!!

If you don't you don't neutralize the Chlorine it will still be in the linens when you place them in the Dryer, remember what I told you above? That every 18 degrees that you increase the temperature the chemicals double in activity.
When you add the amount of Bleach that the manufacturer encourages you to use you are not going to rinse it out of the fabric and when you put it in the Dryer on a HOT temperature, all of the fabric is degraded

When this 'Oxy' load is done you can now put the load in the Dryer or........Hang it outside.