BT550 Double Shirt Machine

The Itsumi BT550 is the latest model available, comes with auto rear shirt stretch so your operators can dress the machine body quickly and without concern that the shirt tail and lower back are not positioned correctly.

Now with even more powerful blowers and vacuum Itsumi shirt machines remain No1 for shirt finishing. Your shirts will have that crisp just pressed finish even after days of sitting waiting for collection by your clients.

Itsumi have patented their BT Series machines and are unique in that it is the Body/Dummy that moves and not the very heavy heated press plates like other brands. This unique feature means that there is minimal wear and tear on the moving parts such as guide plates, bearing rollers and press plate supports etc.

This is why we have Itsumi shirt machines that have now been working for 12 years/ 8 hours a day/ 6 days a week and still going strong.

Throughput is amazing and is considerably high when compared to blower type machines and the finished shirt is impeccable.

Double body shirt press machines can deliver at least 140 shirts per hour with a skilled operator.

Available with different sized bodies to suit our changing lifestyle you will love the performance these machines have to offer

BT550 Double Shirt Machine

  • BT550 Double Shirt Machine