HF310/HF350 Legger/Utility Press

Itsumi HF series Automatic Legger or Utility Steam Press

These Japanese made Itsumi HF Steam Press's are built to work. Immaculate pressuring of the trouser leg will bring smiles from your customers every time.
Made from the best materials available the Itsumi HF series legger or Utility press will continue to give when other brands have long since thrown in the towel.
Can be used in manual mode or fully automatic ,its is up to your operator. Comes with steam iron and swing iron rest, foot pedal or button control.
Inbuilt vacuum system and blower. Itsumi has spent significant time in determining the best ergonomics for your operators ,your staff are in front of the press for hours so comfort and ease of use are important. These quality machines use only the best electrics,pneumatic's and steam controls - voted number 1 in Japan if you have to buy it once and buy it right trust Itsumi

HF310/HF350 Legger/Utility Press

Press pads can be easily changed by the operator

Steam and vacuum can be controlled manually

Fully Automatic timer controlled cycle available if required

Manual cycle for utility pressing

Auto closing/opening head to reduce operator fatigue

Button or foot pedal control

Insulated head to reduce heat loss and improve comfort

Variable pressure for quality pressing

Available with hand iron/sleever/water mister attachments

Simple neat design but with robust structure


Basic Specifications Right
Controller Type
- 2 button close for auto operation or Foot Pedal control
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications
Steam or Gas Heating Steam
Steam Connection 1/2 inch NPT
Dimensions (mm) Legger Buck L1040mm Wide end 362mm tapered end 265mm
Weight (kg) 270kg