BT500 Double Shirt Machine

Itsumi BT Series Japanese made shirt Machine

Itsumi are famous for their incredible attention to detail and longlasting high quality products. Throughput 90-100 shirts per hour depending on operator skill.
Perfectly ironed shirt that will give a superior presentation and finish to shirt blown style machines. Itsumi ironed shirts will hold their shape and will not crease up on your rail system. Easy to use and easy on your operater, automatic timer controlled functions. Pads and covers easily replaced should the need arise.
The finished result will keep your customers coming back for more. The Double body shirt machine will allow your business to take on the work that others cannot.
The BT500E is Big Brother to BT150E and will give you the strike power you need.

BT500 Double Shirt Machine

Double Shirt Buck for maximum throughput

Unique curved rails for keeping floorspace needs to a minimum

Automatic cycles no guesswork required.

Steam heated stainless steel ironing plates

Vacuum body to hold shirt for easy dressing

1 body is undressed as the other body irons

Easy fitment of either short or long sleeve shirts

Heated body press pads

Powerful twin motor fan extraction

Made in Japan unbeatable quality

  • BT500 Double Shirt Machine
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications
Model BT500E
Steam or Gas Heating Steam
Steam Connection 3/4 inch NPT
Dimensions (mm) H1556mm D1668mm L2330mm
Weight (kg) 900kg