Domus HPW Stack washer dryer 8KG or 10KG capacity

The Domus 8KG or 10KG capacity stack washer dryer will give your laundry room the professional look you want.

Available In either 8KG capacity washer and matching dryer or the huge 10KG capacity washer with matching dryer these stack combinations are the answer to limited floor space. Fully featured with either coin, cashless card, or non coin models available you will have the solution to all your laundry needs. Optional pump out or dump drain, inbuilt booster heating or simply hot and cold water inlet the choice is yours.

Domus brand laundry equipment comes with a  2 Year Commercial Warranty so you know that you are getting a great machine.

Absolute Reliability, robust construction, easy to use touch screen controller your family or coin store customers will be delighted with the level of clean and quick cycle time that is wanted in these fast times.

Domus HPW Stack washer dryer 8KG or 10KG capacity

Front Load washer available 8KG or 10KG capacity

Stainless Steel wash basket

3/4 inch Hot and Cold water inlets for fast fill

72 litres of water used in regular wash

High speed extract

Choice of pump out or dump drain water waste

Tumble dryer above in either 8KG or 10KG capacities

Stainless steel in basket

Choice of cycle time and cycle temperature

High quality heating elements for fast drying cycle

Hot moist air can be ducted outside

Easy Clean lint filter

  • Domus HPW Stack washer dryer 8KG or 10KG capacity