Itsumi's amazing double collar cuff machine for high productivity, the unique shape of the iron allows for just the right amount of tension to perfectly iron and finish the collar and cuff of anything that needs quality work. Suitable for all size collar and cuff, requires only 1 operator but double the throughput.
Dual compression cylinder for super fast operation and long life. Lower pad with silicon restraints so that even fragile buttons will not be damaged.
Automatic timer control takes care of any gueswork, operators will love the performance of this machine.


Stainless steel steam heated head
Buck with Heated air
Automatic open and close
Automatic cover tensioner
High Quality Finish
Compact size for easyfit into busy work areas
Super Heavy duty hinge and bearings
415 volt power supply
Can be used as Twin collar and cuff or single collar and cuff
Amazing results for little effort
Compressed air operation
Long life cover and pads
Technical Specifications
Model SY200ASA
Steam or Gas Heating Steam
Dimensions (mm) L1100mm D1043mm H1187mm
Weight (kg) 320