DTT Series Dryers

Domus DTT Dynamic Series Tumble dryers are available in the following sizes, DTT11 (11KG capacity), DTT14 (14KG capacity), DTT18 (18KG capacity), DTT23 (23KG capacity), DTT28 (28KG capacity), DTT36 (36KG capacity), DTT45 (45KG capacity, DTT60 (60KG capacity), DTT80 (80KG capacity). 4 Heating styles to chose from - Gas/ Steam/ Electric/ Heat Pump - the heat pump model comes with an inbuilt heat reclaim system to reduce utility consumption and cycle time.

Standard inclusion:

Stainless steel basket

Reversing action action to untangle linen

Auto cool down with anti wrinkle function

Soft Dry - no drum abrasion on your linen (you will notice less lint on the filter)

Radial and Axial airflow for absolute even drying

DTT Series Dryers

Touch2 Color touch screen - fully programmable

Extra Large Door opening with 180 Deg swing

Intelligent humidity sensor (optional)

SFX Integrated fire extinguishing system (optional)

Extra large lint screen filter draw

240 Volt single phase available on models up to DTT36 (36KG capacity)

Grey skinplate finish - attractive stainless steel look.

Double row drum shaft bearings with front and rear roller support - cannot be overloaded

Machine parameters/cycles and service status can be viewed remotely using local wifi or LAN

Double Glazed door glass (optional)

Stainless steel front and side panels (optional)

New M controller available on budget models