WUD272GAU Combo

Smaller Brother to WUD352GAU but Yamamoto's handy new 17KG gas heated combo washer dryer is the future in laundry equipment. Built especially with the Aged Care/Residential Care industry in mind, this machine will significantly reduce the risk of back/neck/arm/shoulder,wrist injury to your laundry team. The combo machine is a totally dry in dry out operation - laundry is returned after completion of the cycle dry! Ready to fold and put away. No more wet heavy twisted loads of laundry that have to be removed from the washer and transported to the dryers the combo does it all in one operation. Built in safeties ensure there is no mixup with unwashed and clean linen.

The combo will save on floor space, operator hours and will move your laundry efficiency to a higher level ! So don't stick with the same boring laborious methods offered by other brands - show your staff you are concerned with their health and safety, go with the new Yamamoto Gas Heated Combo Washer Dryer and move into the future today.

Modern Engineering - Old School Values 

WUD272GAU Combo

Easy to operate touch screen control

Variable sized loads washed and cleaned

High Speed Soft Mount Construction.

Booster Wash Heating

Gas Heating for the Dryer

24/7 Platinum Warranty

17KG Capacity Wash and Dry 1 operation

27KG Wash and Spin Capacity

Dry in Dry Out

All Steel Drain Valve

Oversized Motor for Strength 

Extra Large Brass water inlet valves

  • WUD272GAU Combo