Yamamoto Harmony - Dry to Dry

The new Yamamoto Harmony dry to dry machines will change the way you think about garment cleaning forever , The WUD162SAU and WUD222SAU dry to dry machines takes a completely new approach to garment cleaning.No need to Stil over, reduced electricity demands, no bacteria build up - just great results. Yes Harmony uses Water but it is not typical wet cleaning , water has always been the best cleaning agent for Protien and persperation stains and odours but water has caused shrinkage of garment lining/padding etc - now you will be able to clean expensive suits, wedding dresses, silks, wool, sheep skins, leather, oil skins and all manner of garments previously thought to be a dryclean only product with the Harmony System. The secret is that first the machine fills with water and is injected with the Ninja Chemical, after the chemical is evenly distributed the machine stops and allows the door to be opened and the drum loaded with your garments. This means that the garments never comes in contact with untreated water, the Ninja chemical insulates the garments from damage to the fibres normally caused by water.

This new and revolutionary approach stops any possible damage/shrinkage that may normally occur. Water damage has been a BIG problem to traditional "wet wash" manufacturers and this means that they have had many limitations in what can be processed - This is Not an issue with the Yamamoto Harmony Dry to Dry machines - and minimal finishing of garments is required after cleaning.

No Solvents No Silicon No Bacteria No Distillation No Waste No Problems - just clean fresh smelling and brighter than bright garments  happier customers  increased profit for owners.

You will enjoy the amazing results, your customers will be happy, the enviroment will be happy and importantly your wallet will be happy. There are so many benefits to owning a Yamammoto 36KG (15kg dry to dry) or 28KG (11kg dry to dry) Harmony Dry to Dry machine, you won't be dissapointed THIS IS THE FUTURE .