Yamamoto Washer Extractor

Perfect for the professional laundry operator or business needing to get the job done. Experience ultimate Japanese reliability with the WN1001Z soft-mounted, high spin washer/extractor. An extra-large door opening speeds loading and unloading, this washer may also be equipped for overhead bag delivery system . The WN1001Z model is available with steam heating and with or without Tilt .Up to 120 wash program choice available .Clean cycle selections and indicators let the operator know what stage the cycle is at all times. Touch screen control, fully balanced drum , high quality Stainless Steel materials, Amazing wash results for the experienced operator. Staff will enjoy the near zero out of balance faults associated with other large capacity washers. Easy to use controller, extremely easy to program or adjust existing programs. Wash programs may be password protected if needed. The WN1001Z is the pinnacle in Japanese perfection You won't be dissapaointed ! Will wash up to *250 bath towels in one single load or 1400 face towels


  • Touch Screen control
  • Microprocessor Control
  • Easy Access Servicing
  • Soft mount
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Japanese Perfection
  • Variable speed Drive
  • Direct Drive
  • Super Heavy Duty Bearings
  • Extra Large Door and Handle
  • Auto or manual Soap injection
  • Pneumatic Tilt
  • Outstanding Warranty
  • 10 water levels settings

Extract RPM

113kg capacity

Cylinder Type
Stainless Steel

Soft Mount

Controller Type
Touch Screen fully programmable

Technical Specifications
Drum - Diameter x Depth 1320mm-x-860mm
Motor power (kw)
Drum - Volume 1135 ltr
Electric Heat (kw) N/A Steam heat only
Hot and cold water inlet diameter (mm) 2 inch
Power Capacity 3-phase AC415V 35A
Dimensions (mm) L1806xD2080xH2060
Weight (kg) 5200KG