The NEW WhiterWash 9KG capacity stack washer dryer are strong and reliable, built for commercial use and available with coin mechanism or free to use.

Both washer and dryer operate independantly of each other . The washer holds 9KG capacity and the dryer holds 9KG capacity. Also available in 6.5KG capacities.

The tumble dryer is electrically heated so that there is no requirement to run expensive exhaust to atmosphere. The washer is soft mount so the machines spring and suspension system soaks up any vibration or shock making the WhiterWash machines the smoothest running machine on the market.

With coin operated models the vend price and cycle times can be adjusted to suit your needs, stainless steel drums for both washer and dryer ,high bake exterior finish will keep your WhiterWash machine looking good for many years to come.

WhiterWash Stack Washer Dryer

Washer 9 KG Capacity

High Speed Soft Mount

Stainless steel wash basket

Coin op or Non Coin op

High bake exterior finish


Dryer capacity 9KG

Reverse action drum

Stainless steel Drum

Electric Heating

Coin op or Non Coin op