Commercial Laundry Equipment

Combo Washer Dryer

  • ISO9001 certification
  • Touch screen control
  • Built to last-Built to perform
  • Solid construction
  • Steam heating
  • Choice of 120 available programs
  • The best in Japanese precision
  • Wash capacities in 27KG and 36KG
  • Drying Capacity 11KG and 15KG
  • Warranty 5years Main Bearings and Housing
  • Warranty 3years Parts including Inverter


  • Reduced Footprint
Increase your staff workspace by using the remarkable Combo washer/dryer
no need to move wet heavy laundry from washer to the dryer 
  • Dryer fan motor blowing formula.

         By blowing with fans before the heater, the burden to the fan due to heat-lint
         is reduced,
         It can provide a long-term stable fan with no Heat stress to bearings.
         This is Japanese practical Innovation at work to reduce your service costs.
  • By using the Dryer unloading of goodscan be performed easily.

Reduced risk to Operators - the goods go in dry and come out dry, the linen is easy 

to manage, reducing risk of injury to staff that would normally be removing heavy wet linen.
  • Reduce drying time to the hot air blown into the drum from before the end of the dehydration process 
By blowing the hot air into the drum from the deceleration of the final extract,
it is possible to quickly start the drying process.